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Small room ex_bills_€273.81 Small room inc_Bills (averaged)_€350.17 Larger room(s) ex_bills_€ 323.10 Larger room(s) inc_Bills (averaged)_€399.45
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donderdag, 31 augustus, 2017
I speak fluent Flemish/Dutch but will write this advert in English in aid of foreign interest. _____There are two rooms coming free towards the end of August this year._____ There are choices relative to your needs. You can either choose between one of the two larger rooms (€323.10) or if you like to save money you can take over my current room (€273.81) and I take one of the larger rooms. On street parking (should there be two cars per household the option is to share the cost of the second). For what we pay, you will honestly struggle to find cheaper. I want to stay for this reason, if not for any other. _____PICTURES in the following Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pzblf8objculqbn/AAAf3gNmq1aKOBTsnqBkowrCa?dl=0 _____The house living-room is rich with light and a sociable environment to be in. The kitchen-dining-area is located next to the living room. Bathroom and the 1st bedroom situated on the first floor. My current room and the 2nd bedroom situated on the top floor._____ We have a courtyard which is great for BBQs in the summer. We also have excellent storage space downstairs (two cellar rooms). There is a spare toilet outside which makes the mornings even easier. _____We are right in the centre of Gent. We have 4-5 supermarkets each within a 5-minute walk, one of which is open on Sunday all-day. There are several cash-machines, all kind of retail shops and shopping malls, bars, cafes, library, fast food, restaurants and much more all under 5 minutes walking time. Excellent transport (buses, trams and taxis, again within a 5-minute walk. _____The joke is, I say to those who know me ‘all roads lead to home’, they quite literally do - where ever you are in the centre – you can pretty much walk in one straight line and end up home. _____What is even more wonderful is a bar very close by sitting above the canal with the longest sunset I know of in the city centre. It’s one of the many wonderful places for a social drink with friends on a summer evening. If you enjoy watching football on a large tv you have a nice Irish pub very close by, boasting. _____The bills (averaged) are €76.36 per month for water_electricity_gas_unlimited internet. Water is credited from my account every three months so 2 out of 3 months you will pay less. _____There is one rolling price that follows on from my previous housemates - This house came empty and we bought the previous tenants furniture (and they before we) - Sofa & sofa-bed (convenient if you have family or guests for the weekend), Fridge, Cooker, Tables & Chairs, Cupboards, etc. There is a 2 month rent-deposit to be rebated to my old housemates (at the previous rental price, 2016). _____My housemates have additional furniture they are happy to sell on to facilitate your move. I advise you get in contact with us for further information. _____To sum up: The larger room(s): 2 month deposit (€590) + shared household furniture (€120) Monthly rent inc. bills (€378.12-€399.45) _____If you like to save money (smaller room): 2 month deposit (€500) + shared household furniture (€120) Monthly rent inc. bills (€328.83-€350.17) _____I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask any questions and I will be as quick as one can to reply.
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