Big bright room, fancy house with big, green garden with veggies & stuff

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RENT: € 351 COST*: € 104 internet, gas, electricity, water, fire insurance, 2 weekly cleaning lady (aka 'the machine')
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zaterdag, 1 september, 2018
For the past 5 years the 5 of us have had the most amazing times in this very unique house with beautiful garden close to the center of Antwerp. Since our largest room is becoming available soon, we are looking for 1 or 2 newcomers starting the first of september. We want you to be one of us. We are currently 4 people: goofy Geoff (BE) & ballsy Giulia (IT), sweetheart Joost (BE), and Mahesh the cook (IN). Most of us have been living together for a couple of years keeping up a nice balance of a relaxing, cozy atmosphere & the occasional in-house party... Some of us like Swing, some like Techno, but we all get along perfectly. We don't have TV, we do have an underground cinema. We all love cooking, streekbierkes, travelling and pranks. We have more than enough space to store your bicycle. Parking in the area is a pain in the ass, lots of motorcyclists in the area though. There's a newly renovated basketball square across the street. Don't hesitate to come visit us if you want to know more about us. (Bring your favorite streekbierke.) What WE are looking for: We are looking for a couple orBasically, we are looking for someone out of the ordinary, someone with an edge. Though someone who has not lost every sense of reality. In numbers: someone between 25 & 35 years old, preferably working, Belgian or international. These are just guidelines though. If we like you and you like us (and the house) you're in. That's basically the only rule! So please, send us a mail, or a message, or a letter. Get in contact. Let's get to know each other! Sincerely, Geoff, Giulia, Joost & Mahesh
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Haantjeslei 116
Geoffrey 0477705996