Looking for 2 people for house near the station

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Dream big
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Basis price is 362 eur/month for the small room and 372 eur/month for the medium one. The shared costs are 105 eur/month and include water, gas, electricity, internet, central heating maintenance, and insurance.
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maandag, 1 oktober, 2018
I'm looking for two people to live with me in this beautiful, renovated house in Kessel-lo, 5min walk from the station, and 5 min from the Carrefour supermarket. Both rooms offered are on the second floor, the street is very quiet, and the garden is quite nice (although now the grass is a bit dry because it didn't rain much). The rooms will be without furniture, and some items in the common area belong to my current house mates. Both of them are leaving on Oct 1st 2018 after having lived in this house for 3 years. My name is David, 34 years old, from Spanish origin but I have lived in several countries. I'm here in Belgium working since 2.5 years, therefore I can speak a bit of Nederlands. I'm a quiet person that likes nature, personal/social growth, and volunteering (normally on digital projects). Personally I would like to live with anyone who is into any kind of conscious living, but I am open to meet you and see if we would fit together. I would also prefer someone for long term (3 years contract), but if you need it for a shorter time we can talk about it. Send me an email and come for a visit! >> dacuetu@gmail.com
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Willem Coosemansstraat 83