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Geldenaaksebaan 328
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The monthly price is of around 460 euro (including rent, internet, fire insurance, water, gas, electricity and cleaning services) Deposit is 640 euro.
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maandag, 6 april, 2020
We are 4 young people (see picture) and two dogs (possibly a cat) looking for one or two extra roommates. What do we offer? We offer two rooms of approximately 20 m^2 located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the house, with shared* shower and toilet (the rooms include a sink) available from the 6th of April. The rooms are unfurnished, however there is the option to buy a couch and a wardrobe from the previous tennant. What about the rest of the house? On the ground floor there is the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen is very big (see pictures) and it includes an oven, a stove, a fridge, and a dishwasher. The kitchen has a view to the garden and terrace. In the basement, we have a washing and drying machine for clothes. Also, we have a lot of storage room and a garage (for equipment or bicycles). There is a parking place available**. It is 10 minutes cycling from Leuven center, 10 minutes to Arenberg campus and 20 minutes to Gasthuisberg campus. PM for further info. Who are we looking for? We look for a social, pet-friendly person to join us in our home. We have a Nintendo Switch in the house and we often watch series or go to the gym together. Extra requirements (set by the landlord): -This is not a sublease and therefore, you need to be on the contract as the rest of us. -You are willing to change your official address to the one of the house. -You are not a bachelor/master student. -You are a working person as you’ll need to show proof of income.
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Geldenaaksebaan 328
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