De Voskenslaan zoekt een 5de bewoner

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All included
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maandag, 15 maart, 2021
De Voskenslaan is op zoek naar een 5de persoon om onze co-house te vervoegen. We zoeken iemand tussen de 28-33 jaar oud die iets zoekt voor een periode van minstens 1 jaar. Ons huis en tuin is ideaal gelegen op enkele minuten wandelen van het Sint-Pietersstation met veel winkels in de buurt (als in er is bijna keuzestress waar je inkopen gaat doen!). Domicilie is mogelijk. We zijn een wat internationale bende dus je zal merken dat we ons zoekertje zowel in het Engels en het Nederlands geschreven hebben. The house is situated in the Voskenslaan, just behind the Sint Pieters station. It has a spacious garage (for storage and bikes) and a parking spot just in front. On the ground floor you find the bathroom with shower, washing machine and WC, living room and kitchen. There is a 2nd WC in the stairs. 2nd floor are the rooms of Solène and Sander, 3d floor is Madalina’s and possibly yours! Last stairs go to Ariane's attic room. Last but not least, there is the garden and terrace facing east. The garden is around 30m deep which is quite big for the city! We try to keep it natural for biodiversity and we dedicated one part to a vegetable garden. Also a slackline is sometimes used for some balancing. The last part is for chickens, which unfortunately are not there at the moment. So if you have 2 chickens this is also a plus! The free room is about 2.5m wide and 4.2m long (10.5 m2), has a large window and a sink. It’s on the garden side so not much noise from the street. And now, who will you share the house with? Sander: Hi, I'm Sander! I've been walking on this planet for 28 years and a large part of it I did with a lot of amazement for nature. That brings me straight to my greatest passion: bird-watching. You can find me on the roof of the living room, looking for birds flying over. I also like to go cycling (often in a combo with the first passion), day trip or weekend trip to southern Belgium. I also play badminton, go to a bar sometimes, enjoy a party, watch movies... I’m currently working for the Regional Landscape Meetjesland, mainly for actions relating to protected species. I would says I'm an easy and quiet person. I am rather last minute and spontaneous in everyday life together: sudden proposals for cooking together (veggie) or things like that. I’m currently in a relationship with Solène. I do like to be busy and I like to go along with other people's enthusiasm, like Solène's home furnishing plans. Oh I quote Lord of the Rings from time to time! Solène: Bonjour there ! I'm Solène, I'm French and 31y old. I moved here last year to volunteer in a farm and decided to stay for a while. I’m someone with strong social values of equality, tolerance and respect. Feminism, LGBTQ+, and anti racism are basis of my view of the world. I’m a nature and animal lover. I follow an ethology class (behavioural science of animals) and am always keen to learn more about animals. My dream is to open a farm animal sanctuary/educational farm. I love working in the garden (we made a pretty profitable vegetable garden last season!) and taking walks in nature. I love movies, reading, art in general, I love and need to be creative even if it's in small ways like decorating the house. Like Sander I’m a vegetarian, love cooking and baking. You’ll most likely find cookies, cake or a pie in the house for everyone to enjoy. Out of corona I also love to go out for a drink, concert, exhibition and playing games and trivia. I like living with people with whom to have sweet moments in a clean cosy home, cook, drink wine, have deep conversations in the evening but also just have fun with and be silly. Ariane: Hey, My name is Ariane. I am European. French is my mother tongue but you can also speak Dutch, English, Hungarian or German with me. If you want to teach me another language, that is also very welcome! I recently moved to Ghent to work in a start-up that develops water treatment plants and gives advice in the water sector. This keeps me busy for a large part of the day. For the rest? I have many different interests, one of the most important is music. I've been playing the clarinet since I was 8, for 16 years (you can easily estimate my age). So if you are also a musician and like (classical) music, that's a plus! The rest of my free time I like to play board games (Ticket to ride), chat with my roommates, read books and climb. One of my most recent hobbies is worrying about corona (and wondering when I will be able to see my family abroad again). That's why I try to follow the corona measures very closely. So you shouldn't be afraid of me organising a lockdown party unexpectedly. Madalina : Hello! My name is Madalina (26), I work in an daycare which means that I'm a calm person who can have good connection with people. Recently I've joined the " Voskens" and im so happy because they have a positive vibe. My hobbies are cooking, reading and walking in nature. I'm a social person who loves to listen to everybody's stories and sharing experiences, meanings and recipes. I'm happy always and I give also an good mood to the places where I live. An ideal housemate for us would be someone spontaneous who loves to create a nice and safe atmosphere for everyone, keep the house clean and work in the garden, cook together sometimes, have a chat and a drink or enjoy sitting on the terrace in the summer. Basically someone who wants to spend good times together but also likes his/hers/theirs own independence. A heart for nature and the environment is also a plus! Oh and of course who is not scared of guinea pigs walking around the living room sometimes ! Please, read the age range and write us a nice message if you're interested ! Looking forward to meeting you !
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