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All costs included except the cleaning lady
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zaterdag, 1 februari, 2020
Hello Everybody, We are Francesca (IT), Frederick (BE) Lien (BE) and Sven (BE). We have a pretty, big house in the south of Antwerp with a cosy garden and a small roof terrace. Since one of us is leaving, a room is becoming available and we are looking for a new housemate starting (preferably) from the beginning of February. We want you to be one of us. We have been living together for a couple of years, keeping up a nice balance of daily relaxing, cosy atmosphere & the yearly house party. We don't just share a space together. We enjoy a dinner together once in a while, cosy occasionally movie/board games’ nights in the winter. During summer there are brunches or bbq's in the garden. Some of us like dancing, some climbing, cycling, some like Jazz and some other hip/hop but we all get along. What would you get: a nice co-housing. A room for €380 that includes all costs, except the cleaning lady. We have enough space for storing the bikes inside and car parking is also still possible. We don’t have a TV, but we do have a beamer. What we are looking for: basically someone open-minded, who can be an added value to the house and integrate easily in the atmosphere, between 27 and 35 years old, working and for a minimum stay of 1 year. Someone who enjoys the social aspect of living together, despite the practical one, which we still consider very essential. We are curious and excited to meet you, so please send us an email telling something about yourself Get in contact with a PM. Sincerely, Francesca, Frederik, Lien and Sven
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