Looking for a roomie for a few months or someone who needs a half-time place

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310 euro/month Depends if you want to stay here full-time or half-time. If you just need it for 2 nights a week wa can talk about the price :) This price includes all costs (internet, gas, water, cleaning service,electricity) Provided bed and built-in closet.
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zaterdag, 1 augustus, 2020
I live in a lovely appartment with 2 bedrooms, one big dining room with a nice wooden floor, high walls, tons of light, a bathroom and a huge kitchen. Well, i minimalised my stuff so much that my second room is empty. So I’ d like to invite people to live with me. Are you working in Antwerp for a few months? Your internship is here? Or are you working in Antwerp for just a few days/week and need a nice place to lay your head only those nights? Or do you live in Spain and love to come home to Antwerp sometimes but don ’t have a a place to stay anymore? Contact me and we can work something out. The price depends on if you want to stay here fulltime or half-time ofcourse. I can give you a nice place to come home to for those few months or few days/week. On the picture it’s not furnished, but there s a very comfortable bed too. :) I’m looking for a responsible chill roomie. The room is 3X3 m. Because there’s no garden or terrace… pets and smoking is not allowed. I go out a lot but when I’m home I enjoy music, food and an easy environment. Welcome! The place is located between Stadspark & Zurenborg. Close to Central station, accessible by car, nice bike lanes… In the close neighbourhood lots of food shops, bars and dining places (Dageraadplaats!) ! "domiciliering" is not possible here ...
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