Nice big room (30m2) for rent in Nieuw-Zuid- 3 roommates (all around 30 Y old) as from March

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420 Rent for a very big room with a lot of light. We also pay 80 EUR each for electricity, water, gaz, internet and netflix. For the deposit the owner is asking 750 EUR. Next to that we ask a small contribution for the furniture that is already in the house of around 180EUR. You can add additionally 4 dienstencheques monthly if you also would like to support the cleaning lady system
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donderdag, 1 maart, 2018
Hello Everybody, We are living with 4 people. One itialian girl and 3 belgians, all between 29 and 33 years old. We have a pretty, big house in the Haantjeslei in Antwerp (nieuw-zuid) with a cosy citygarden and a small roof terrace. Since one of us is leaving, one of the big rooms (25m2) will become available as from mid-march (but flexible, between march 1 & 30). We have been living together for a couple of years, keeping up a nice balance of daily relaxing, cosy atmosphere & a yearly house party. Some of us like dancing, some climbing, some like Jazz and some other hip/hop, but we all get along. We have some space for storing bikes in the hallway and a car parkinglicense is also still possible. We don’t have a TV, we have a beamer. What are we looking for? Basically someone open-minded, who can be an added value to the house and integrate easily in the atmosphere, between 27 and 35 years old, working, can commit for a minimum stay of 1 year. Someone who enjoys the social aspect of living together, but can be practical as well, which we also consider to be an essencial asset. What would you get? A nice co-housing, because we don’t just share a space, but a dinner together once and a while, occasional movie nights in winter and brunches or amateur basketball matches in summer. Nothing is mandatory of course, but this a bit the philosophy we all aim at and work on to keep up, having of course a busy life ourselveq going on. We are curious and excited to meet you, so please send us an email with more about your self. Sincerely, Fra, Jerre, Jolle and Djenina
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Haantjeslei, 59