Nice room (19m²) in big house with huge garden/park. Excellent train/bike connection to Antwerp.

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Domicile possible --- 425€ rent + 145€ fixed costs --- Room (19m²) has a washbasin with mirror, one built-in closet. Other than that, it can be empty OR furnitured with clothing closet, bookshelf racks, matrass. Nice wooden floor, vintage flower wall paper (can be painted if you want), room with a lovely green view of the garden, a lot of light, double glass, long radiator. --- Rental contract for half a year, can be extended indefinitely if all goes well. Leave periode of 6 months (both ways). In about two years (could be more), the house will be sold and everybody will have to leave. --- The fixed costs are for wifi, water, heating, electricity, fire insurance with your stuff insured for €5000, use of washing machine, drying machine, dishwasher, oven, grill, microwave, big freezer, television, kitchen utensils, garden tools, furniture, alarm, pool maintenace, .... Entertainment wise we have a big pool outside (12mx6m), pingpong table inside (always ready to rumble), a home cinema in our living room (huge screen), a big poker table for 12 persons, BBQ, a fireplace outside, and also a “bungalow” in the back (a pretty big cottage). And of course: an awesome garden and park with lots of plants, flowers, trees. Storage room in attic and basement available, should you need it.
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vrijdag, 1 mei, 2020
The domain is located in Lier (just outside the ring on the road towards Mortsel/Antwerp). We're in a quiet neighbourhood but very close to lots of shops and supermarkets (Albert Heijn, Colruyt, Lidl, Hubo, Gamma, Ygo, AVA, Decathlon, Bioplanet,...). By bike: 5 minutes from the trainstation of Lier, with excellent connection to Antwerp Central Station (9 trains/hour in the morning, 15 minute trainride = €2.40 with the keycard). --- Bike to Antwerp? The brandnew “bikehighway” brings you smoothly to the heart of Antwerp in 12km. --- We are a 3 minute walk away to lots of green open space (farmers...), and a small forest, excellent for running --- House has a garage and endless parking space, very large living room with wooden floor and ceiling and lots of books. Then our “library” room with two big tables for co-working or eating, and surrounded by books on the walls. A big kitchen with all necessary appliances, with a cold food storage room and an extra little bathroom. An big freezer in the basement, a big income hall with extra washbasin and also lots of books. --- A wooden stairs brings you to the the first floor: big hall with wooden floor and lots of built-in closets. There are 2 seperate toilets in the house, as well as 2 bathrooms. Big attic we use as extra storage facility. --- OUTSIDE: There is a very big swimming pool (12x6 meters), a pond, a park, a large private building in the back of the park with a big wooden terras underneath the trees. Could be used as workshop, or rehearsal for music, or just a private chill place. Lots of big/huge trees and many plants/flowers in a beautifull, well maintained garden with a huge lawn. --- WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR: easy going, balanced person. Steady income. No drama. No financial problems. OUR RULES: no smoking in the house. Respect each other. Good agreements make living easy, and give you the most freedom to do whatever you want. --- WHO ARE WE: one single guy will move out, so you’ll live with two couples and an awesome little boy of 6 years old. A man of 34 active in the booktrade and his girlfriend of 28 active in data analysis, and another couple of 28 active in IT and renewabel energy. The latter couple will move out on july 31st 2020 (room will also become available). --- HOW DO WE OPERATE: Everyone likes their privacy (and has it - many different rooms, and also outside a lot of options to withdraw), but there’s of course room for socializing :) Do as many barbeques as you like! --- CLEANING: we clean the common areas ourselves according to a cleaning task schedule (once per week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, according to rotation) . Experience shows not everyone is responsible in this, which can lead to frustrations in the house. So you will have to pay a deposit. If you don't do your (very doable) cleaning task, I will do it for you and 17,5€ will be subtracted from your deposit. --- COMMON TASKS: for 1 to 3 hours per month (mostly not so much), you’ll be asked to help in maintenance of garden/house. If you forgo this chore, 17,5€ will be subtracted from your deposit and someone else will do it. That way, frustrations by everyone are avoided, and everything is maintained. Perfect system ;)
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Baron Carolylaan 49