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Cohousing amidst the sun, sea, and mountains of Greece!

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€120.000 - 300.000


We are an international group creating Greece’s first multigenerational cohousing village. Our land is incredible- pristine nature and agricultural land as far as the eye can see, with an amazing view of the snow-capped mountains, and yet only a 20 minute drive from a major city-- with all the services and restaurants we could want. In February, we will go to Greece and begin designing our edible food forest, private homes, and Common House, where we will enjoy cooking and eating together several times a week. We plan to break ground this year.

Remote workers, retirees, and families wanting to raise their children in cohousing will benefit from the lower cost of living, lower taxes, the beauty, and the healthy lifestyle in Greece. We plan to have gardens and an orchard, and there will be an olive oil mill, honey production, a vineyard, and other micro agri-businesses near our mountain village. The sea and beaches are a short 30 minute drive. Our home prices will range from approximately €120,000 - €300,000 and will appeal to those who love traditional Greek village architecture and value living sustainably. We plan to have a small solar park and value energy and water conservation, green building, reuse and sharing resources in our Common facilities.

Every Friday we organize 'information coffees' via zoom: