Alfred's 3 are looking for roommates!

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See description!
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vrijdag, 15 maart, 2019
- 3 ROOMS IN LEUVEN (ALFRED DELAUNOISLAAN) - Please share Hallo, people! We are looking for 3 new roommates wanting to live with us starting on the 15.03, for 18 months. Room prices vary from 350 EUR to 450 EUR all costs included (with 2 months deposit). We rent a big house located at Alfred Delaunoislaan 11 in Leuven, being ideally located: 2 bus stops at 1 and 3 minute walk, 15 min walk to Philipssite, various shops and supermarkets. We also have a garage and a parking spot in front of the door at the disposal of the one who needs it Your main residence place needs to be in this house (in other words, no students allowed, sad but true, the city of Leuven does not allow it!) The rooms up for rent are the following: - One room at ground floor: really spacious, one ‘wall’ consists almost entirely of windows, so you’ll have a beautiful view on the garden at all times (So yes, we do have a garden!). furniture not included. (450 EUR) - One room at third floor: also spacious, no furniture included (450 EUR) - 2 rooms rented out as one (1 on 2nd floor, 1 on 3rd floor): 2 small rooms, ideal for people who want to really separate work from ‘private’ life. Also no furniture included. (350 EUR) We have 2 showers (1 on 1st floor, 1 on 2nd floor) and 3 toilets (ground floor, 2nd and 3rd floor) available, and one fully equipped bathroom. Equipped kitchen is also up for use, as is a huge living room and space to eat your homemade food (or invite people to help you eating it) Captain Obvious stating the obvious; we have internet, TV, water, electricity and heating. And a cleaning lady, which may be not that obvious. If this all in package sparks your interest, please send an e-mail to and a shitload of pictures will come your way, together with an answer and maybe an invite to come over and have a look! PS: we do not expect that much, but please people, make sure other people do not have to look for 10 minutes to find a plate. In other words, be a decent human and clean up after yourself. Please remember you live together with 5 other people! Cheers all!
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Alfred Delaunoislaan 11