2 Gelijkgestemden gezocht om in ons licht huis te komen wonen (Concious, ecological living).

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Concious and ecological living.
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1e)Kamer: 350 huur + 60: ALLE kosten huis en gebruik en onderhoud inclusief = totaal 410. 2e)Kamer: 450 (huur) + 60 (ALLE kosten)
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woensdag, 16 juni, 2021
(ROOMS FREE: Available: Direct, for 1 or 2 months only, from July 1st, or later - really looking for LIKEMINDED <3 - Nederlandse vertaling op aanvraag :) ) Hi beautiful :-), Are you looking for something more than just co-living? Looking for a quiet, light, green, sunny, spacious, cozy and ecological place with a garden, a good location (5’ walk from GSP) and with people on the same ‘wave length’? The ‘waves’ are: vegetarian/vegan food, ecological/economical living, healthy and organic lifestyle (no-smoking or drugs), waste free, meditation / yoga / qi gong / movement (dancing), playing music, (grounded) spiritual growth, DIY, Open and Direct Non-Violent-Communication, growing vegetables (Permaculture), love for Mother Earth and Nature,... About the ROOMS: -1 big and cozy room with cute BALCONY and SINK (see pic’s), directly available, nice furniture included (option), 350€ rent + 60€ (all costs). -1 SUPER BIG room with indoor balcony (see pic.): available from July 1st or half of July. 450€ rent + 60€ (all costs). - possibly also a very little cute room for 240. Or as extra room and then price is negociable. Domicile possible. We are rather looking for longterm people (age 25+/30+, working) who are looking forward to putting their input, creativity and love into co-creating a nice home and who resonate with this lifestyle. Please send me something about yourself in a pm (Nederlands, Français or English), also related to the waves. Looking forward to meet you asap!
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Kortrijksesteenweg, 721