Open-minded, non-judgmental and curious-to-try household looking for extra inhabitant(s)

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Huis Holsbeek
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woensdag, 1 juli, 2020
Hi there! We’re a bunch (5 at the moment) of curious, eco, geeky, kinky, poly-friendly, vegetarian, musically minded, sex-positive, outdoor-minded friends and we have just established a great co-housing project! We’re renting a big house in Holsbeek, 20 minutes by bike from Leuven station. Our goal? Creating a bustling house where people feel welcomed, food gets shared, hugs are always available, and where the living room (+ huge basement or garden) can serve as an event space. A space waiting for your mind to organise and create! Are you looking for a social place to live? You can’t wait to organize things small or large? You’d love to know more about our project, ideas and the place? Send us a message at ASAP and we will contact you!
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