queer house looking for butch/femme gardener / eco-minded

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Price is negotiable, depending on various things which we need to discuss. Price includes water use, electricty, internet, heating, cleaning lady, ...
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vrijdag, 25 januari, 2019
We are three queers between 23 & 26 years old, we have three cats. We are working artists, one of us is studying. We live in a big, old, semi-renovated farm with a big big garden next to the canal on 25 minutes of cycling from the centre of Brussels. There is rail station nearby. We are looking for someone who wants to invest in a cohabitation project. For instance, someone who is keen on developing the garden into something that is full of flowers, herbs, vegetables, ... Or someone who is not afraid of construction / house work. In short, we value practical minds very much! Long or semi-longterm. Since we have cats, dogs are not welcome. Children are negotiable. There is lots of space here! Parking space for cars and bikes. The room that is ready to be used is on the 2nd floor. +/- 13m. You will share this floor with another person with whom you share a large bathroom. There are large communal spaces. There is enough space to be alone / to be concentrated / to connect with oneself. There is a cleaning lady who comes by once a week. Preferably, the person we are looking for is also neat. We are all vegeterian. We are a Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries. (Water & fire signs are very welcome!) We are open to all kinds of different people (except straight men); single moms, 60+, butch daddy's, ... FR-EN-NL
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