Room to rent for three months in Ghent Close to the station

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The room is 350€ a month A small deposit will be asked just to make sure in case anything happens but will surely be given back to you at the end if not :)
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donderdag, 15 april, 2021
Since I'm leaving for three months, my big room is to rent From April 15th to July 7th The room is in Ghent behind the main train station (Gent Sint Pieters) The house has a garden, a parking spot just in front, washing machine and dishwasher. From Sint Pieters you can take transportation to go everywhere easily. You would be living in a co-house of five (including you) with nice housemates, Sander, Ariane, Madalina and Ibrahim. The room is available From April 15th to July 7th for 350 euros/month (a small deposit will be asked, to be discussed). Who would you be living with : Sander is a nature enthusiast and a deeply passionate birdwatcher. He works for landscape managing and enjoys biking, behind outside, cooking together. Ariane works for the European Commission and is a happy person who likes to talk and have a drink with her housemates. Madalina is working with kids struggling with languages, she is not often home but when she is it's always very nice. Ibrahim is a PHD student in pharmaceutical and works a lot but likes spending time together in weekends. If you're interested, write us a nice message with a little description and we will make sure to answer super fast ! Solène, Sander, Ariane, Madalina and Ibrahim
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