Samenwonen met een vluchteling: "Het allergrootste struikelblok is tijd verdelen en zaken inplannen"

dinsdag, 26 maart, 2019


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The Prime Minister has implemented his ambitious scheme like 'One family is a government job', according to which at least one member of each family in the state will get a job from the government. There is a lot of good news among the youth of the country about the implementation of this scheme. The government has announced that the job will become permanent after 5 One family one government job scheme years.The scheme envisions employment to a member of every family which does not have a government job in the state. Under this scheme, all loan debts in the farming and agriculture sector would be revoked. At present recruitments are being made for Group C and Group D posts in 12 government departments.One Family One Job Yojana Benefits. With the help of this scheme the employment rate of the State will improve.

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