Schone Schaarbeekse

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Het pandamonium
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Beschrijving van de prijs: 
Alles inbegrepen, ook internet en onze kuisvrouw voor gemeenschappelijke ruimtes, een keer per week! Everything included, also internet and our cleaning lady who comes once a week.
Vrij vanaf: 
dinsdag, 30 juni, 2020
Two rooms available in four-person co-housing in very spacious house, and nice area. We are looking for two people to replace our dear housemates who are leaving (one for love, one for adventure). Steven and I remain in this wonderful co-housing. The garden, main floor, kitchen, roof terrace are common spaces, filled with plants and books. For some reason, there is a also a sauna. We like to cook vegetarian food, make puzzles, have an occasional drink or party but also respect each other's space. We are good friends, in our late thirties, both keen travelers and we try to make life also a bit exotic in Bruxelles. We are looking for warm people, with a sense of humor and an open mind. One room is available now, at 500 all included. Its very spacious, 1 third under ground. The bathroom is shared with one person. The other - brighter but smaller - room is available in September, at 450 euro all in. The area is lovely, close to trains and trams, place Colignon, park Josaphat, and a numbers of cool bars. The centre of Bruxelles is a 10 min bike ride away.
Straat en nummer: 
Rue Renkin 71