Wil je een superleuke project van samenwonen overnemen of gewoon samenhuizen?

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Cyclo Casa
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zaterdag, 1 februari, 2020
Wij zoeken nieuwe huisegenoten in Gent (Ledeberg) in een groot huis van 200 + 50 (terras, koer, tuin) m2. Mogelijkheid om het project over te nemen (het huis te kopen) of gewoon een huisgenoot te worden. Meer info in Engels: HI-Tech and Hi-Comfort house. We are a collective. You can use the shared kitchen, garden, living room, garage, and all the shared spaces. You will get a free bicycle. We have an outdoor sauna Bus stop connecting to the city center in 15min. The space Completely furnished, we also have blankets and sheets for you of course. LIFE AT CYCLO CASA We believe that living together is not easy, but each of us has to do some efforts in order to make everyday life enjoyable for everybody. In case of any issue, we are all open to democratic discussions: we discuss on our Group and during dinner (at 18.00). We often share meals or share food, we have one refrigerator with shared food and each of us has a shelf with his personal food. All food that is about to become bad becomes automatically shared food. We organize ourself to cook for each other, each person should cook one day a week for everybody, so that we will need to cook each of us just once a week. We are sensitive about ecology and we like to keep our home a place where we waste as little as possible (energy, products & food). We also care about social, we go sometimes together to bring some sandwitch to people in the street and we may even host sometimes someone who has no place where to go. The most house maintenance and house works are done by ourselves with recycled materials: the more someone contributes doing works or taking a task the less he pays. Tasks may be: caring for the plants, checking the cleaning plan, keep the guest’s bike repaired, etc. EXTRAS - Sauna - We just renovated the electric installation = Safety - New water installation + new boiler (water/heating) = Comfort! - Fingerprint door, you will never need to look for keys! = Practical! - Handyman: a housemate-handyman at home takes care of the maintenance - Bike - There is someone at home that may want to sell you a bike (for cheap) = Best way of moving around in Ghent ;-) - Wireless printer Guest access THE HOUSE The house is pretty big (250m2), with a lot of common space. We have an automatic lighting system, auto regulated heating system, and a lot of accessories which you can use. You can use the shared kitchen, garden, living room, garage (to repair things), and all the shared spaces in the ground floor. It's a old building but we are constantly working on the house and renovating to make it more and more comfortable over time. House provided of: Sauna HI-SPEED Wireless Internet 160mb/sec = the fastest connection of Belgium,with UNLIMITED data plan. Large living room and many common spaces Kitchen - Super-accessorised with crockery, Kitchen robot, Coffee machine, two Microwaves, two ovens, healthy fry machine, etc. One Bathroom (each of us has his cabinet) & a tiny toilet on the first floor; Big living-room; Garden with decking; Washing machine; Dishwashers (two); Wireless Vacuum cleaner & big wired one; Garage fully equipped for any kind of reparation; Other things to note You are welcome to stay long term. SHARING CONTRIBUTION We are not doing renting business, we are a contributive/collaborative house sharing: you are going to pay a contribution which is going to decrease with time and in special occasions which include: collaboration, cleaning, maintenance and saving energy/products. The contribution amount that you see in this ad may seem a bit high, but consider that it’s really ALL included, not just Electricity, Gas & Water but also common costs like Garbage bags, Cleaning products, General maintenance, buying of new furniture & appliance, etc... It's not much for such a big house. With the money you pay we are also buying some food for everyone (Garlic, Onions, Potatoes, etc...). Remember that in the most other ads they don’t show you the all-in price and they will increase your rent yearly, with us you are going to pay less with the time if you collaborate ;-) The door of the room is in the staircase, so you may hear little noise if another housemate walks up in his room.
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