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included is electricity, water, gas, a basic internet subscription (150gig/month), some low digital dutch tv subscription, ... an alexa, an insurance, pots and pans, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, sauna-ish shower, furniture, a complaint box, I'm willing to invest in a dictionary ;-) Don't expect dutch lessons, so far i haven't delivered on them. If your address is here, you can get a cheap year bus-tram subscription ( unlimited for 35euro/year), and friendly village assistance but anybody can take the free village bus, or park a bike here, or the car. I have my own car present which is better than no car.
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vrijdag, 2 oktober, 2020
Goodday, goedendag. 3 bedroom bel-etage house. One room for owner, one for his half staying 8y kid and one room free to rent by a student or short term renter. Maybe that room is yours for half a month or a few months. A year seems like a long time already, but who knows. The room is SE, has closets and 11m2 free floor space. A bed can be there if asked. Kitchen is large, garage, terrace and workshop are also large, 2 toilets. Bus stop is at the door and it is 7 km biking to get to Antwerp city centre. Parking available. Most people like the village. I am one of those people. The price 14,4 euro a day with all+ included. Dishwasher, washing machine, internet, friendly banter, kick in the butt or paperwork assistance when requested. Milk, sugar, fruit, chips, ... are shared. 432 - 446 a month, friendly atmosphere and no set contract is a fair deal. Address can be placed under conditions. I'm 36y male, working, sleeping, eating, studying, cleaning and cooking. I tend to clutter, but still less than a kid. I like bad coffee, pizza, old clothes, to give aid when requested, and to be a good example, I don't keep track of birthdays, and it would take a lot of effort of me to notice what you are trying to say, show or what you're wearing. I have all the kid paint, clay or lego blocks, you'll ever want. Plus some novel board games. House is free of religion although my 4 plants need prayers to survive. I'm very tolerant to everything i can curse at. I'll attempt to complain as much about my issues as about yours. ha ha ha I have a past of housesharing, housesitting, couchsurfing, hosting and such. Students will stay cheaper than working folks as i prefer to push than kick. Greetings Bird
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